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Most of us know that the percentage of Americans who vote in our elections is embarrassingly small compared to other developed countries that practice — or try to practice — democracy. Only 55.7% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 elections, according to the Pew Research Center. The U.S. placed 26th out of 32 highly developed democratic countries. We show up between Estonia and Luxembourg.

Obviously, we should and could be doing better than that. Given the serious issues at stake and the variety of organizations with opportunities for activism, there is hope for increased participation and creativity going forward. People of all ages are volunteering with organizations that matter to them to enlist and enroll voters for this critical event.

If there are younger people in your lives who are eligible to vote, this would be a great time to engage them in conversations about the many critical issues facing us all. Encourage them to speak with their peers about the importance and difference their vote can make.

And while you are at it, find out what is important to them. What do they hope for? What do they think about our current political and societal situation? Older people often want the younger generation to learn from them, sharing their history and experience. But let's remember that younger people are living in a very different world than we've ever experienced before. Their perspectives and concerns can teach us. We need to know what kind of support they need as they face these challenging times.

On Our Own

New evening support group with Rebecca Crichton for people living alone. Explore and share the challenges and surprises of solo living!

7 - 8 PM on 2nd Wednesdays of Oct., Nov., Dec. Greenwood Senior Center, 525 N 85th Street, Seattle.

Ursula and Our Conversations

Chaitania Hein engaged her German mother-in-law in many conversations about Ursula’s life growing up in Nazi Germany. The results of the discussions are an original screenplay and a recent stage adaptation.

Tues., Oct. 16, 7:30 PM
Horizon House, 900 University Street

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