'Tis the Season

We've entered the thick of it: Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and its spawn of variants promising savings and fueling temptation and -- dare we say? -- greed, are unfolding day by day. Traffic is dreadful, parking lots are hazardous, people irritable and sometimes nasty. And a recent poll reveals that almost 70% of respondents dread talking about politics at their holiday tables.

What to do?

Two things offer an antidote: Gratitude and Generosity.

For every pang of annoyance, tell someone they are appreciated. Smile at the cashiers and ask how they are doing as the frenzy ramps up. Acknowledge your colleagues and friends, relatives and service providers. Say thank you, say what you have valued over the year. Give something: candy, home-made treats, money if you feel you can. The more you are aware of what matters to you, the more you can be part of what matters to others.

All of us at NWCCA are thankful for the many people who have attended our programs, participated in our conversations and contributed to our mission. We are deeply grateful to be here and to have the opportunity of doing this wonderful work.

Happy Holidays!

Rebecca Crichton, NWCCA Executive Director

Year-end Celebration of Monthly Hot Topics

For Seniors (and Senior Wannabe's!)  

What did we learn this year? What do we want to learn in 2018?

Thursday, Dec. 14,
12 - 1:30 PM, Green Lake Branch
Seattle Public Library

Holiday Celluloid: Cozying Up with Celebratory Films

with Misha Berson

Insights into a critic's favorites!

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 7:30 PM,
Horizon House, Seattle

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