“Navigate the Holidays with Honesty and Creativity”

“Tis the season to be … ” This is where you fill in the blank with the standard answer—the ones that are expected. We should feel joyous, festive, generous, and grateful. Those feelings should motivate and sustain us as we go forward with the variety of plans and purchases for the coming festivities. But what if your personal feelings don’t match those around you?

Visit our Events page for the link to the article by NWCCA Executive Director Rebecca Crichton.

Crossing the Divide: The Art of Compassionate Engagement in Difficult Times

These are difficult times and our country is deeply divided. How can we talk courageously about our hopes and fears and perhaps learn something new about each other in the process? How can we make our relationships with family and friends just a little bit kinder?

Tuesday, January 17, 7:30 PM, Horizon House

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