What might 2018 bring?

It's hard to avoid the urge to make some kind of 'Resolution' for the New Year. My personal process includes a written summary of the year just passed, and projecting what might come next in the year to come. After reflecting on the past year, I read what I wrote on New Year's Day a year ago. And, sure enough, year after year, some of the same themes show up. There is always both change and stasis in my own life and in the lives of the people close to me. Research shows it is easier to think about what is wrong, missing or upsetting as opposed to what is good, hopeful and enough. We are 'hard-wired' to see the darker side; a protective mechanism for what might be hazardous or dangerous. Counteracting that reactivity takes focus, intention and a healthy dose of self-compassion. My wish for myself and all of you is that you will regard 2017 with curiosity about what went well and what was learned, and include kindness and hope as elements of what 2018 might bring. Happy 2018! Rebecca Crichton, NWCCA Executive Director

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