Monthly musing from Rebecca Crichton

If you are like me, you receive daily requests from a whole host of non-profits asking you to support them with an end-of-year donation. As I assess their requests, I review how they contribute to my life and to the vitality of our community. I donate because I believe in the importance of what each organization brings – a combination of mission, purpose, goals and outreach. I feel proud that NWCCA can stand up to that same scrutiny. For those of you who don't know about our structure, we are a small but dedicated and efficient organization. Though Ruth Neuwald Falcon and I both work part time, our outreach is large and growing. On a monthly basis and on our web site, we inform people about events happening throughout the community, and develop programs for libraries, community centers and retirement communities. We are especially proud of our Resource page, where we list links to an ever-growing menu of categories of local, national and international information and services that support people as they age. Please consider donating to NWCCA this year. We are frugal and committed and proud of the role we play in our growing aging community.

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Your investment in NWCCA ensures our future. You are welcome to make a contribution of any amount below.

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