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Many people love the bustle of the holidays with their amped-up rhythms and expectations of endless celebrating – to say nothing about increased consumption on all levels. But for some of us, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting, creating the uncomfortable dilemma of how to manage it all without closing others down or having to absent ourselves from connecting.

Happily, there is something we can all do, at any time we remember to do it. We can stop and breathe and center ourselves for a moment or two with the rhythm of Conscious Breathing. While it might seem obvious to remind ourselves that our breath is our life, most of us don’t stop and breathe fully, experiencing the benefits of that activity. The pace of most of our lives, the ongoing commentary in our heads and the never-ending input from our devices distract us and keep us off-center. 

Learning some simple meditation techniques can be a good antidote to the constant din, both internally and externally. As a long time meditator, I decided to write this month’s Featured Resource, to encourage you to explore the benefits of meditation.

Now that 2020 is just around the corner, it feels long overdue to acknowledge and thank my colleague and partner in keeping NWCCA a resource and presence in our community. For the past four-plus years, Ruth Neuwald Falcon has been the one responsible for our public face. A writer, editor and filmmaker, Ruth brings her artist’s eye and editor’s sense to everything you read and know about NWCCA. We make a great team, each doing what we do best and supporting each other in the many decisions about direction, programs and content for the website and the monthly e-bulletin. Thank you, Ruth, you are deeply appreciated!

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Wishing you all a joyous and meaningful Holiday Season and serene passage into 2020!


UW Do More, Feel Better Program for Depression
The UW is recruiting individuals aged 60 and older for a 9-week program based on research showing that increased participation in pleasurable and rewarding activities can lead to improvement in depression symptoms. 

Letting Go & Moving Forward, A Writing Group for Women with Rebecca

The group is open to new members. No writing experience is necessary to benefit from this opportunity. Starts again in January on fourth Wednesdays near Green Lake.

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