Monthly musing from Rebecca Crichton

When I moved into my new apartment this past June, one of the first things I did was consult with an interior designer friend. I didn’t know how to think about the new space and about what to do with all my “stuff.”

Furnishing my new space and going through the many things I own felt daunting. I hadn’t thought of myself as someone who would use an interior designer. My story was that “those people” were fancier than me, with more money and willingness to give over control of their environments. 

Through the eyes of my designer, I could see that the furniture I had lived with for more than 50 years was too big and too heavy. She suggested I look in the category of “Mid-Century Modern.” (I was amused, since I grew up with that style and qualify as Vintage in my own right! ), directing me to a number of consignment stores and websites that offer Mid-Century Modern furniture spanning a wide range of prices.

Then I worked closely with another interior designer, who looked at my many objects and helped me “curate” them differently than I had in my house. The process was exciting and occasionally uncomfortable. Brandon Whittaker (our Featured Resource author this month) helped me see my things through new eyes, arranging them in different configurations than I would have considered on my own. He didn’t care about what something cost, where it came from, how old it was or who had given it to me. He just placed things that he thought “told a design story” and let me see how it felt to live with those new arrangements.

I found it liberating to detach somewhat from my stuff and allow it to be part of my big transition. Things still had their meanings. I know everything’s history and significance in my life. But now I can see and appreciate them anew.

The Jewish High Holiday cycle has just begun. It starts with Rosh Hashanah, which is the birth of the new year. I extend wishes for a sweet and meaningful New Year to all of you.


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