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Here’s a belief that I hold as a truth: Everybody knows how to write. Furthermore, I believe that everybody can benefit from writing about something that interests them.

I have attended many writing classes over the years, from weekend intensives devoted to non-fiction, to longer classes on memoir and other writing genres. They have all furthered my competence as a writer and reminded me how many people pursue writing for pleasure and purpose in their lives. This month’s Featured Resource speaks eloquently to the experience of being part of a writers group.

July always feels like real summer to me. Even though we’ve passed the solstice and the days are getting minimally shorter, we still have long warm nights and days that beckon us to play. As the summer unfolds, we will continue to keep you informed about activities and events that offer a chance to learn, engage and discover something new.

Encouraging the Creative

Mary Oak, author, poet and experienced writing teacher, is our essayist for this month’s Featured Resource. We also include some Seattle-area resources to encourage and support your development as a writer.

Culture Matters: A Video Trip through Asian Cultures

“Recovering journalist” Peter Herford engages his audience with facts and opinions that challenge how we see Asia and what it means to us.
Tuesday, July 16, 7:30 PM, Horizon House, 900 University Street

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