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I started seriously thinking about where I would move as I age several years ago. Almost everybody I know who is around my age and owns a house has begun considering what it means to remain living in homes with too many rooms, too many stairs, too much property. And too many things. Way too many things!

As you will see in this month’s Featured Resource, among what feels like thousands of daily decisions that filled my days and my nights was the need for a new mattress. I hope some of what I learned will be useful to you.

I know a lot more about the whole process and will be sharing more tips to help others over time. Stay tuned for further adventures in life transformations!

Well Rested

In this month’s Featured Resource, Rebecca shares some of what she’s learned about mattresses while making the transition from homeowner to apartment dweller.We also include a number of guides for sleeping well and a few links for buying mattresses.

Culture Matters: A Video Trip through Asian Cultures

“Recovering journalist” Peter Herford engages his audience with facts and opinions that challenge how we see Asia and what it means to us.
Tuesday, July 16, 7:30 PM, Horizon House, 900 University Street

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