Monthly musing from Rebecca Crichton

I admit I sometimes can’t resist a pun. So bear with me: Let us March forward and avoid the Fall! Blame it on the recent winter weather and the number of stories I have heard about bad falls. Experts say that a “A trip counts as a fall…” I find that a sobering thought given how often I find myself tripping on cracks in the sidewalks, edges of rugs, and my own feet! Fall prevention is the kick-off topic for our new Featured Resource page. We are inviting experts in the field to write a brief article that frames the information in a usable way. For March, Jane French, a freelance writer based in Chicago, has written on Falls and Older Adults: There IS Something You Can Do. We know you will find some good tips (no trips!) and excellent resources about this crucial issue relating to all of us. I am very happy to report that our monthly writing group, Clearing Space for What's Next: A Writing Group for Women, is a great success. Because we keep the space around our table limited to 6 women per session, starting in April another session will be added to make it available for more people to attend. As always, NWCCA brings you information about the many offerings in our region that keep you engaged, informed, connected and healthy. If there is a category related to aging you would like to know more about, please let us know. We will do our best to find the most current information to share and links that will help you find the resources you need.

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