Monthly musing from Rebecca Crichton

I’ll just admit that I can’t believe it is already April and spring is truly with us. The longer days and warmer temperatures promise outdoor activities and encourage plans unencumbered by inclement weather. For those of us who no longer work full-time, they can challenge us to find regular activities that keep us active, engaged and continuing to learn. Our region offers a wide variety of events, classes and community gatherings to attract and inspire us. Many of them are single events we can put on our calendars and look forward to. Others are ongoing classes or experiences that interest and inform us. In addition, there is another category of involvement — Volunteerism — that asks us to consider ways we want to contribute our knowledge and experience. Our featured author this month, Gary Davis, shares what he has learned about the value of Volunteerism and how his organization addresses many needs in our region while providing a learning and supportive community for his volunteers. We're continuing to expand and streamline our web site's Resources to be as helpful as possible. To see the full list of categories — from Aging to Veterans — hover (either with your mouse or your fingers) over the word Resources on the menu. Enjoy the sun and the flowers!

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