Rebecca’s Kitchen

Those of you who have been part of the NWCCA community for a while know that our Executive Director, Rebecca Crichton, has a passionate relationship with food. She was a caterer, recipe developer and food writer. She currently writes a quarterly food column – Nourish Your Body – for 3rd Act Magazine.

From June through December 2020, she invited you to her kitchen via Zoom for some hands-on demos of her favorite recipes and discussions of her approach to cooking and food.

This year, Rebecca is sharing monthly recipes and food tips that can serve as a foundation for your own culinary explorations.

  In Praise of Potatoes

  The Bean’s the Thing

Spring = Asparagus

Vitamin Citrus

Robust Rhubarb

Salad Days


Winter Squash

Celebrating Cranberries

Festive Assemblies