Rebecca’s Tip of the Month

NWCCA’s Executive Director Rebecca Crichton has delved into the Aging Field for the past 10 years. She continues to learn the importance of sharing what she knows with others. Her Tip of the Month offers a personal strategy that has made her life better.

January Tip: In case of emergency
To start the year off, Rebecca shares how connecting daily builds relationship and safety.

February Tip: Remembering to remember
A humorous and helpful approach to pinning present actions into our minds.

March Tip: No more ‘buts’!
Rebecca offers advice on not being a ‘yahbut.’

April Tip: Thinking about thinking
Rebecca reflects that learning to question our thoughts and being able to admit we might be wrong are tools to help us stop the “snowball of negativity.”

May Tip: Don’t push that button!
This month, Rebecca is intrigued by the notion that we might be at choice for how we experience and manage our feelings.